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Let's Write: Upload your Blog

Upload your posts to the Trailblazers Blog before the deadlines! Need some help?

Here are some general reminders:

  • From Pages>Blog> +, start a new blog and add your content.

  • Add photos (if you want) using the blue arrows when you hover over content (like this content box!) and select “image.”

  • Hover over the “Done” button in the top left-hand corner and hit “Save.” **This step is very important!**
  • When you’re finished with your content, go to Blog Post Settings by way of the gear icon in the upper right hand corner OR by double-clicking on your by-line (where it says your author name at the top of your post).

  • In Content, Add Spring 2021 and your semester location to the Categories. Set your post Status to “Needs Review.”

  • In Options, add your thumbnail image (this is the image that will be displayed on the main blog page) and your excerpt (this is the text preview that will be displayed on the main blog page. Choose the first couple sentences of your post).

  • Hit save. 

  • Hover over the “Done” button in the upper left hand corner and hit “Save.” (“Save” will only be an option if you have unsaved content on your post. If you hit “Save” in a previous step, your only option will be “Done”).

  • Check that your post looks correct! The Verto Team will be in to review and publish your post on the deadline day.

Photography & Community: Cluster Help

We can’t wait to see your photos and hear your stories! Beyond your blog, make sure you log into Cluster weekly to send us photos, tell us how you’re doing, and even find tips from your fellow VTBs.

Fall 2021 Application Deadline

Fall 2021 Applications Due : July 31st

To access application, login to your Student Portal and access forms or click here:

Fall 2021 Verto Trailblazers Flyer

Check out the mission, vision, and values of the Trailblazers program here.

Fall 2021 VTB Orientation

Stay tuned for more information about Fall Orientation

Who we are:

As Verto Education scholars serving as program ambassadors during their first semester or year of college (in the some of the world’s most incredible destinations), Verto Trailblazers inspire the next generation of travelers to become global citizens.


Contact Matteo, Community Manager, at

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