What is the Verto Program?

Verto is revolutionizing the first year of college to help students find purpose, discover the world, and be successful in their college career (and life). Traditionally, students in the U.S. graduate high school, and many immediately enroll in college or university.

Verto is an opportunity to travel the world, while completing your university degree in four years. It’s a “gap year” without the gap. Across the globe it’s common for students to take a year between high school and college to travel the world, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and coming back with a new sense of independence, ready to tackle their university courses.

Verto was designed to give you the gap year experience, while earning college credit. Over a semester or year-long program, you'll travel, learn, and experience the world outside the classroom. You also won’t have to worry about deferring admission or waiting to apply to college. Once you’ve completed Verto, your credits will transfer seamlessly to one of our partner universities or for the class that enters Fall 2018, any four-year accredited university in the US.

The Verto Program has Four Major Components:

Travel the World

During your Verto experience, you’ll travel the world, choosing between  destinations in places like Ireland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Guam.

Service-Based Learning

Immerse yourself in service-based learning and walk away with knowledge and skills you can use in college and beyond.

Experience Outside the Classroom

Step outside the classroom walls to consider real-world applications of academic and social subjects.

Earn College Credits

Meet general education requirements at several partner institutions without delaying your graduation.

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