Spend Your First
Year Of College Abroad

Spend Your First Year Of College Abroad

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Verto Education offers International University Semesters for adventurous students who want more from their education. This is your time to see the world, learn about yourself, and make epic memories in the process! With Verto, you’ll do all that and more, while getting into a great college, earning college credit, and staying on track to graduate in 4 years.

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Travel the world for 1 or 2 semesters with Verto Education. Earn 16 credits towards general education requirements.

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Gain admission to Verto partner schools using only your free Verto application. Transfer seamlessly to one of our partner schools or the college of your choice.

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"In Fiji, I experienced different cultures and ways of life that have impacted the way I view the world today and forever. The semester was filled with adventure and personal growth. I loved the experiential learning aspect of the
trip- we were not sitting in classrooms but rather experiencing and learning
at the same time. "

South Pacific, Fall 2019


"Highly recommend this gap year program to anyone. The group leaders are also very helpful with school work and want you to be successful throughout the semester they are very helpful with everything and are always there to help you and make you better at what you’re struggling at."

Latin America, Fall 2018


"I feel so lucky to have been able to travel with Verto as it was a truly challenging and rewarding experience that made me a better and more educated person. Not only is it great for earning college credit and learning in new and strange environments, but it’s extremely fun and you’ll meet so many great people that become so important to you."

Latin America, Spring 2020

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