Naropa University Students are

  • Compassionate
  • Progressive
  • Authentic
  • Innovators
  • Responsible
  • Healers
  • Social Justice
  • Cutting-Edge
  • Introspective

About Naropa University

Nestled in Boulder—ranked the #1 college town in the United States—Naropa University offers a new kind of educational experience rooted in self-awareness. Guided by Buddhist principles and philosophies, our curriculum is designed for people who want to show up, work hard, question dominant narratives, challenge themselves, and use what they learn to help improve humanity for the better. Every day here is a new day, where students from all walks of life are supported as they focus on the health of their minds and hearts while gaining a valuable education and emotional resilience that will help them turn their passions into lifelong careers.

Total Student Population Approximately 943

Diversity at Naropa University

  • 30% Students of color
  • 2% International students at undergraduate level

Top Majors at Naropa University

Naropa University students thrive when offered opportunities for experiential and service learning which also support rich inter-cultural experiences. Our partnership with Verto is a wonderful gateway to the higher education journey for the kinds of creative learners who create a rich student body at Naropa

Chuck Lief, President of Naropa University

Programs & Organizations