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DePauw University Students are

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About DePauw University

As one of the top national liberal arts universities, ranked the best in Indiana, DePauw offers gold-standard academics, fused with vast real-world opportunities, to prepare you for personal and professional success. Nearly 100% of our graduates prove that each year. When you attend DePauw, you’ll always be Gold Within.

Total Student Population Approximately 1,752

Diversity at DePauw University

  • 36% Students of color
  • 15% International students at undergraduate level

Top Majors at DePauw University

Want Guaranteed Acceptance to DePauw University?

Your admission to DePauw University is guaranteed when you complete a Verto semester and meet the following requirements.

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 on your Verto transcript.
  • Completion of 1 Verto semester.
  • Grades of C or better in all Verto courses.
  • Maintained good standing while on your Verto Education semester, which includes personal, behavioral, and academic integrity.

Learn About Verto’s Transfer Guarantee

What we value so much about Verto students is that they immediately bring a global perspective to the classroom and community. As a University that highly values diversity in thought, perspective and background, we appreciate the experiences our Verto students bring to the DePauw community. It exposes our first-year students to a different understanding of the world directly from their peers. For four years, we challenge our students to step outside of their comfort zones, learn from one another's differences and solve complex problems using those skills they develop. Verto students come in prepared to contribute immediately to those conversations and should be proud of the educational diversity they bring to the community.

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Verto Education