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Rhodes College Students are

  • Transformative
  • Experiential
  • Supportive
  • Inspiring
  • Values-Defining
  • Perspective-Shifting
  • Authentic
  • Beautiful
  • Leading

About Rhodes College

What Rhodes offers goes beyond its top-tier liberal arts and sciences education. Rhodes offers a transformational experience, challenging students to explore innovative ideas, examine their values, and discover what they can contribute to their community and to the world.

Rhodes’ collegiate-Gothic campus sits on 110 wooded acres in the heart of Memphis, an economic, political, and cultural center, making Rhodes one of a handful of national liberal arts and sciences colleges in a major metropolitan area.

Among the stone and the stained glass is a place to belong, where alongside their professors and their peers, students are supported in reaching their full potential and going on to make meaningful change in their communities and the world.

Total Student Population Approximately 2,010

Diversity at Rhodes College

  • 31% Students of color

Top Majors at Rhodes College

The opportunity for Verto students to explore the world and then bring those new perspectives to the Rhodes campus enhances the discussions in our classroom and campus community.

J. Carey Thompson, Vice President of Enrollment and Communications and Dean of Admission

Programs & Organizations

  • 23 Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division III Intercollegiate teams
  • 65% of students participate in some form of athletics (Varsity, club or intramural)
  • Over 80% of students participate in community service
  • Rhodes partners with 150 different organizations in Memphis for outreach