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Regis University Students are

  • Community Service Oriented
  • Social Justice Minded
  • In Love With Nature
  • Ethical & Compassionate

About Regis University

As a university, Regis draws from wellsprings of ancient wisdom and explores new horizons of thought and imagination to pursue truth, strive for justice and cultivate beauty. In everything, Regis shepherds the development of the whole person in relation to the common good, asking, “How ought we to live?”

As Catholics, part of a global community of faith called to celebrate and embody God’s love in the world, Regis educates diverse students for lives of service and meaning.

Regis equips them with knowledge and skills to be discerning persons in solidarity with others, especially all who are poor or whose dignity has been violated, and empowers them to care for the Earth, our common home.

As Jesuits, rooted in an Ignatian spirituality of Christian discipleship and open to the sacred in all human cultures, Regis aspires to be a community of learners who labor for a transformed world and renewed ecosystem, and who journey as companions responsible to each other.

Total Student Population Approximately 8,000

Diversity at Regis University

  • 48% Students of Color
  • 30% First-Generation College Students

Top Majors at Regis University

Regis is Part of Verto’s Direct Transfer Program

Through Verto’s Direct Transfer Program, you can gain admission to Regis based on your academic performance with the courses delivered by the Academic Provider during your Verto study abroad experience. While admission will depend on Regis’s availability and is ultimately up to their discretion, this route tends to give Verto participants who meet the college’s academic criteria a higher chance of admission and a fast-tracked application.

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Programs & Organizations

From Feminist Student Alliance to Hide and Go Seek Club, you will find something for you at Regis.

In addition to living in Colorado with 26 places to ski and ride, 53 mountains over 14,000 feet and 500+ miles of unique terrain to explore.