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Portland State University Students are

  • Diverse
  • Service-oriented
  • Engaged
  • Compassionate

About Portland State University

Portland State University is more than Portland’s public research university. It’s a place to test ideas and projects that show the world how different is done. Our innovative approach combines education with creative problem-solving and collaboration across campus for maximum impact. With more than 200 degree programs to choose from, PSU is Oregon’s most diverse, innovative and affordable research university.

Total Student Population Approximately 26,012

Diversity at Portland State University

  • 48% Total diversity
  • 6% International students

Top Majors at Portland State University

Portland State University is Part of Verto’s Direct Transfer Program

Through Verto’s Direct Transfer Program, you can gain admission to Portland State based on your academic performance with the courses delivered by the Academic Provider during your Verto study abroad experience. While admission will depend on Portland State’s availability and is ultimately up to their discretion, this route tends to give Verto participants who meet the college’s academic criteria a higher chance of admission and a fast-tracked application.

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