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Chatham University Students are

  • Urban
  • Sustainable
  • Rigorous
  • Purpose
  • Value
  • Informed
  • Engaged

About Chatham University

Chatham University is a highly ranked and respected institution with a 150-year history, centrally located in one of the US’s most livable cities: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We offer over 40 academic programs in health and wellness; sustainability; business and communication; and the arts and sciences–all enhanced by our commitment to professional skill and career development.

What else? Engaging faculty. Internships. Integrated bachelors and masters programs. A stunning, park-like campus minutes from major Pittsburgh attractions (and a second location built for the study and practice of sustainability). Best of all, you’ll get the hands-on, experiential education you expect from a private university at an affordable cost through Chatham’s generous scholarships and need-based financial aid.

But don’t just take it from us—explore Chatham for yourself.

Total Student Population Approximately 2,437

Top Majors at Chatham University

Chatham University is Part of Verto’s Direct Transfer Program

Through Verto’s Direct Transfer Program, you can gain admission to Chatham based on your academic performance with the courses delivered by the Academic Provider during your Verto study abroad experience. While admission will depend on Chatham’s availability and is ultimately up to their discretion, this route tends to give Verto participants who meet the college’s academic criteria a higher chance of admission and a fast-tracked application.

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Programs & Organizations

Make the most of your time at Chatham by getting involved in one of more than 60 student organizations. Student organizations offer leadership opportunities, host on-campus events, organize to create meaningful change within our community, and much more.