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What’s It Cost?


Tuition prices represent the costs of overseeing instruction, academic credits, safety, providing professional educators, and ensuring appropriate learning environments. We are deeply committed to providing a valuable educational experience. We make strong efforts to ensure our programs are accessible to all students, regardless of financial need. Verto Tuition Includes:

  • The Gap Term/Year Program Experience
  • Instruction and Academic Credits
  • Enrichment activities and student support services
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance (this does not replace normal health insurance)
  • Visa and entry fees
  • Food, Accommodation, and Local Transportation
  • Program Leaders and Mentoring

Not Included in Tuition Costs

  • Airfare – All international airline tickets are purchased by Verto to ensure the lowest possible cost and all members of the group have the same itinerary (except for Social Impact Summer). A separate invoice for airfare will be sent to you in the summer preceding your program. Unfortunately, frequent flyer miles cannot be used for these tickets because they are purchased at group discount rates.
  • Incidentals – Students will need spending money for incidentals, expenses incurred during Independent Student Travel, and snacks. We recommend students budget $50 per program week for spending money. However, please note that managing this spending is the responsibility of the students. While Program Leaders can help students plan ahead, it is ultimately the responsibility of students to manage these funds throughout their program.
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