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How Verto Can Help Your Institution

Verto Education is designed to help balance the needs of students, parents, and institutions.

We understand that there are new and unique pressures facing institutions of higher education, including the need to attract and retain high-quality students from enrollment through graduation.

The Verto Program is designed to help your institution meet those needs. Here's how Verto helps institutions:

Attracting High-Quality Students

By partnering with Verto Education, your institution will be promoted to students who may not have yet considered enrolling.

Improving Retention

The post-Freshman year drop out rate is climbing for institutions across the nation. By enrolling second-semester Freshman or Sophomores from Verto Education, you help improve your retention rates.

Graduating Dynamic Students

A college degree is one component of what makes graduates successful. Enrolling students from the Verto Program will enhance the dynamism and global education of students at your institution.

Forging Stronger Alumni Connections

Though the Verto Program doesn’t take place on campus, students who matriculate through Verto and graduate from your institution will have fond memories and strong bonds to the school that helped them explore the world and get a degree.

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