Photo: Verto Education students in classroom smiling at camera
Verto Education
May 5, 2020

Why a Semester with Verto Will Make You More Employable

Independence, cultural competence, courage… we’ve all heard about the benefits of spending time abroad. Yes, these are excellent personal traits, but will they actually help you achieve your post-graduation goals? In an increasingly competitive job market, it makes sense to wonder about whether study abroad is a worthwhile investment in your future. The awesome news:…
Photo: Verto Education students in Costa Rica
Verto Education
April 21, 2020

Verto Limits Fall Class of 2020 to 500 Students

With so many uncertainties at traditional universities for this coming Fall 2020 semester, applications for admission to Verto have increased dramatically. With that in mind, we have made the decision to limit our Fall 2020 entering class to 500 students.  We just passed 5,000 applications for an enrolling class of 500 students. While we have…
Photo: Verto Education students
Verto Education
April 15, 2020

How to Decide on a College Without Visiting

How to Decide on a College without Visiting Most of us would never buy a car or a house without seeing it in person first. So what happens when you have to make just as big and important of an investment without ever laying your eyes on it?  Choosing the right college can feel like…
Photo: Verto Education students in Costa Rica
Verto Education
April 8, 2020

Student Spotlight: Catching Up with Our Alumni

Students who participate in a Verto semester become part of the Verto family for life. We love to hear how our alumni are doing and how they have been impacted by their Verto experience, so we sat down with two of our awesome students to catch up. Emma Laredo By the end of her senior…
Photo: A student celebrates at the top of a mountain peak
Verto Education
March 10, 2020

How To Transfer Your College Credit

Most colleges agree, taking a year out of the classroom before college is a good thing. Harvard actually encourages their students to take a year off, and goes as far as to attribute its 97% graduation rate to the number of their students who take a break after high school. Studies show that students who…
stages of culture shock
Verto Education
February 24, 2020

The Psychology of Culture Shock

A fish out of water. A bike without a chain. Out to sea. A stranger in a strange land. There are many metaphors for culture shock, all of which attempt to describe the unique experience of being far from one’s home country and culture. Culture shock is defined as the feeling of disorientation experienced by…
Jada & Friends
Verto Education
January 9, 2020

Perspectives from First-Generation College Students

In this post, I’ve interviewed four “first generation” Verto students. First generation students are the first in their immediate families to go to college. Meet these amazing young people who are paving the way for the future of college and study abroad: Jada Wesson is from Cleveland, Ohio. She intends to study at The Ohio…
student planting
Verto Education
December 10, 2019

Student Stories: Take the Leap of Faith

Nantucket is an island thirty miles out to sea off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The island has a year-round population of roughly twelve thousand people. I was born on this little island and have spent my entire life growing up in this incredibly welcoming and wholesome community. Due to the size of the…
Verto Education
November 27, 2019

Verto’s Guide to College Deadline Terminology

In our last post, we detailed how to prepare for college application season starting freshman year. Once you’ve checked all those boxes, you’ll not only have your application all ready to go, you’ll also be an amazing candidate for your dream schools. Now that you’re ready to apply, it’s time to figure out WHEN to…
Verto Education
November 21, 2019

How Should I Start Planning for College?

As you approach high school and senior year, college can totally feel like the giant elephant in the room. The impending application process might seem too daunting to even think about. From the pressure of decision-making to the time and effort of filling out tons of paperwork, planning for college can sound like an incredibly…

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