Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most common questions about Verto Education and the Verto Program.


Frequently Asked Questions by Students


When can I enroll for the Verto Program? What are the academic requirements?

The academic requirements for enrolling in the Verto Program can be found on our How & When to Apply page for students. In short, applications are accepted from October 1st to the following January 31st. You must be a Senior or Senior-equivalent in high school at the time of application, and the minimum GPA requirement is 3.50.


What schools can I attend after the Verto Program?

You can see the full list of Institutions here.


How does Verto help me?

As a student in the Verto Program, you get two benefits. First, you’re traveling the world and giving back. It looks great as part of your ‘college resume’ to future employers or graduate school admissions teams. You also earn college credit, reducing the number of years you need to attend in order to get a Bachelors degree.


Frequently Asked Questions by Parents


Does Verto teach my child, or is it a semester/year-long party?

Unlike a less structured, traditional gap year program where your child takes off for a year of travel and fun, Verto is specifically designed to help your child learn while having life-changing experiences. Ideally, it is both fun and educational.


How much does the Verto Program cost?

The cost of the Verto Program can be found on the Requirements & Cost page. We also have financial resources available to help students and families make Verto part of their college experience.


Frequently Asked Questions by Institutions


How does Verto Education actually help institutions?

In short, we solve two major problems for higher education institutions: enrollment and retention. By partnering with Verto Education, more students will consider enrolling at your school, and the students who complete the Verto Program matriculate directly to finish their degree with your institution.


What is the cost for institutions to partner with Verto Education?

At this point, there is no cost for partner institutions. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us or schedule a call.


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