Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Health & Safety

Please indicate your food allergies on your ‘Health History’ form and the ‘Dietary Accommodation Form’ in your Student Portal. It’s important that you submit these forms as soon as possible and bring up any questions or concerns with your Student Onboarding Advisor so that the on-site team can prepare for your arrival.

Verto’s vaccination requirements vary by location. Please view our Vaccination Policy web page for information. 

Verto enrolls all participants in international health insurance coverage provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). Verto’s coverage for participants provides comprehensive medical insurance benefits, alongside travel assistance services in the event of emergencies. You can access information about your insurance in your Student Portal approximately 2 weeks prior to departure.

Participants may choose to get their own supplemental travel or property insurance as those are not included with Verto.

No, you are unable to opt out of Verto provided insurance. You are welcome to purchase additional insurance if necessary.  Our team can work with you to help answer any questions you may have regarding your Verto provided insurance.

On-site program orientation emphasizes the importance of self-care for your personal growth and academic success; we’ll cover topics including nutrition, time management, exercise, and rest.  This blog post also has some great tips for maintaining mental health while traveling if you want to start planning now. 

Throughout your time abroad with Verto, you’ll have a team of mentors including your Student Life Coordinators (SLC’s) and Academic Success Coordinator (ASC’s), who will be there to answer any questions and direct you towards the right resources. 

Participants who experience minor injuries or illnesses will be assisted in seeking immediate medical support or treatment by the SLC’s, and emergency medical services are available in all program locations.  

Review Verto’s Health & Safety page and our Policies page.

We highly encourage you to bring a sufficient quantity of prescription medication with you for the duration of your time abroad. This is because it may be difficult to obtain your medication while abroad. Please plan ahead accordingly with your doctor and loop in your Student Onboarding Advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

If you need to obtain prescription medications while abroad, you can work with your on-site staff to identify local pharmacy providers.

Local, in-country medical providers are available in each Verto location. Your on-site staff will be available to assist you in identifying preferred and English-speaking medical providers. You will need to pay costs for medical services up front, and then you can submit a claim with Verto’s insurance provider (CISI) in order to receive reimbursement for all covered medical expenses. Be sure to keep all receipts for any medical services obtained abroad– keep the physical copies and email yourself photos as well!

Mental Health support is available for participants via onsite and remote support services. Contact your Student Life Coordinator, Academic Success Coordinator while on site if you need assistance. You can also email deanofstudents@vertoeducation.org if you would like assistance prior to departure or need anything urgently while onsite.

Participants seeking 1:1 counseling support with a licensed mental health professional are provided local contact information, and assistance with scheduling an appointment

This varies by location. Many Verto locations are in the heart of a public ‘city-center’, where a cluster of different buildings provide spaces for participant housing and curricular and extracurricular activities. Security guards may or may not be present. All Verto locations and accommodations are screened for safety.

Verto in-country staff are available to accompany participants to medical appointments, and assist them with communication with local medical providers.

Domestic, independent participant travel is permitted during periods when required classes and activities are not being held (e.g., weekends or holidays), unless otherwise indicated by local program staff.

Extended overnight travel – or independent international travel – is likewise permitted, but participants must check with local staff before making any out-of-country travel plans, and register their travel plans with Verto program staff. Whether you travel internationally or domestically, all participants must submit an Independent Travel Form (online-digital document) prior to extended absences from their program site.

If participants travel internationally without explicit permission of local staff, they may face disciplinary action.