Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Passports, Visas & Flights

All participants should plan to have their passport ready ASAP, as passports can take many weeks to obtain. 

For locations requiring a visa, you will need to have your passport in hand about 3 months before the semester start date. We cannot produce student visa paperwork without your passport number.

You will be prompted to upload your passport information on your Student Portal. Please upload this as soon as possible. 

All passports should be valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of the abroad experience (and possibly more depending on your Verto location). If this is not the case, you must renew their passport as soon as possible.

Please see our blog post for instructions on how to apply for a passport.

Please see our blog post for instructions on how to renew your passport.

You need a student visa if:

    1. You are traveling to Czech Republic, Italy, or Spain. Participants complete a visa-like process upon arrival in Ireland as well.
    2. Participants traveling on non-US passports will likely need a student visa for other locations, including Argentina, Costa Rica, or the United Kingdom (England). Participants with non-US passports should contact their Student Onboarding Advisor.

You should purchase your flights as soon as you know your location’s official arrival date and arrival time window. This information will be made available on your Student Portal.

Participants traveling to Italy will need to have round-trip flights booked in order to apply for their student visas. As such, you must purchase your flight as soon as the official arrival date is made public on the Student Portal. 

For all locations, you will want to make sure your flight arrives on your location’s official arrival date during the designated arrival time window so that you will be eligible for Verto’s airport pickup service. 

If you are arriving outside of the designated day and time frame, you will be responsible for coordinating and paying for your own transportation. The location team will be able to provide you with the address of your residence so that you can reach there on your own on official arrival day or after.

  • Most airlines allow you to check-in online before your flight. Doing so may speed up your process at the airport. Be sure to have a screenshot of your boarding pass and print it out as well.
  • Carry the following in an easily accessible location: your passport, state-issued ID, and boarding passes
  • Make sure to have print and digital copies of all of the documents listed above. Additionally write down your Verto on-site staff phone number and the emergency number on your phone and a piece of paper to have just in case. 
  • Bring anything you might need for the next 24-48 hours in your carry on, rather than putting it in your checked bag. For example: any medications, a change of clothing, chargers for electronics, etc. This is in case you have any flight delays or your baggage gets delayed or lost. 
  • Any bottles of liquids that you carry in your carry-on must be less than 3.4 fluid oz and you must be able to fit all of the bottles in one quart-sized, clear ziploc bag. 
  • Remember that carry on bags must fit a certain size and weight (determined by your airline). Any bags that are bigger must be checked. 
  • If you are checking a bag, you will need to get a baggage tag at an automated or manned kiosk and then bring the bag to the airline representative to weigh and load. If you have any questions about where to bring your bag, just ask the airline staff.
  • Be sure to put a luggage tag on all of your luggage that lists your  or your family’s contact information in case your bag gets lost or taken by accident. 
  • After checking-in and checking your bag, you will then take your carry-on baggage, boarding pass, passport and other identification to the security checkpoint.
  • When you pass through security, you will need to remove your jacket, hat, anything in your pockets, belts, and shoes to pass through scans. Laptops and tablets need to be removed from bags and placed in their own bins to pass through scanners.
  • You will be asked to go through a metal detector or scanner. Follow airport security instructions and note that this is NOT a time to make jokes.
  • Then you’ll head to your boarding gate number (indicated on your ticket and on the screens in the airport) and wait for boarding.

Most airports have signs in the local language and English, but if you get to a part of the terminal that is under construction or doesn’t have dual-language signs, you might find yourself feeling lost very quickly. It’s best to know a few basic airport icons so that you can find where you are quickly.

  1. 🛄 Baggage Claim
  2. 🛂 Passport Control
  3. 🚾 “Water closet” – toilet/bathrooms

Generally speaking, after getting off the plane in your final destination you will want to head in the direction of either “immigration” or “baggage claim” (following signs for one of these will lead to the other!)

If something doesn’t feel right, stop and ask questions or ask for directions. Airport staff will help you and they generally will speak English or will know where to find you assistance in English. If you think of it before your plane lands, ask a flight attendant on your flight for assistance with a connecting flight or what to expect when you land. They are experts and have taken the flight numerous times in the past.

Verto airport pick-up will generally be from the arrival hall (after baggage claim), but you can expect to get more information during your Pre-Departure Orientation session.