Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Your Experience Abroad

Domestic, independent travel is permitted during periods when required classes and activities are not being held (e.g., weekends or holidays), unless otherwise indicated by local staff. 

Extended overnight travel – or independent international travel – is likewise permitted, but participants must check with local staff before making any out-of-country travel plans, and register their travel plans with local Verto staff. Whether you travel internationally or domestically, all participants must submit an Independent Travel Form (online-digital document) prior to extended absences from their site.

If participants travel internationally without explicit permission of local staff, they may face disciplinary action

Academic and attendance policies remain in place regardless of visitors; Verto participants are expected to attend class, complete coursework, examinations, and assignments as scheduled in order to receive credit through our academic providers. Families who visit participants while they are abroad with Verto may be disappointed in the amount of time they are able to spend with their Vertoan due to the demands of their study abroad experience including courses, experiential learning activities, and weekend trips. Participants whose families visited in the past have experienced more intense homesickness as a result of the visit.

Families are welcome to visit at the end of the Verto abroad experience. Once participants have completed their coursework and other academic commitments, they will be able to host their families and travel freely. For families that make the trip, there will be an open house in which they can meet our staff and Vertoans will share some of what they have learned throughout the study abroad experience. From there, families can decide how to spend their time together independently. Details on end-of-term family receptions will be provided before your departure. 

Virtual Family Weekend 

In addition to bi-weekly emails providing details about the participants’ experience, we also facilitate a weekend of virtual opt-in events for families like student-led campus tours and cooking demonstrations.

No – except in the case of our foreign language courses, all courses will be facilitated in English. It helps if you’re able to speak a bit of the local language, so it’s in your best interest to learn a few key phrases in advance of your experience!

You will need a laptop or tablet for your courses. If you do not have one, you should notify your Student Onboarding Advisor ASAP so that they can help you loan one for the duration of your time abroad with Verto.

Generally speaking, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, a light-weight backpack for outings, a rain jacket, and a laptop/tablet for coursework. Bring digital and physical copies of your passport and any other identification. We recommend that you do not bring more than 2 suitcases as storage space may be limited.

Check out your location’s packing list for more details!

You can view more advice in Verto’s Location Guides and these articles too:

Only Service Animals are permitted on Verto study abroad experiences. Service Animals are entirely location-dependent and subject to the local laws of your program. Requests to bring a Service Animal should be made by emailing deanofstudents@vertoeducation.org. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are not allowed on Verto study abroad experiences.

You will receive housing details including your address, roommates, and general expectations approximately 14 days prior to your depart date. This will be shared through the Student Portal.

This depends on the location and housing type (e.g. homestay vs. residence), but generally speaking, yes. Participants typically have 1 or 2 roommates, but may have more. 

If you wish to request a specific roommate, you can indicate so, along with other preferences, on your Roommate Preference Form in the Student Portal.

If for any medical reason a participant requires a single room, you must request this in advance by starting the conversation with your Student Onboarding Advisor. Please note that we can only accommodate this in some locations and in some cases. You may be required to pay any fee associated with having a single room.

This varies by location. Please view your unique location page to check whether or not food is included in your accommodations and experience cost.

Most dietary options can be accommodated across Verto locations, however do keep in mind that some cuisines may work better for you than others. It is important you specify your dietary needs on your Health History form in your Student Portal, and reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor with any questions or concerns.

This varies depending on the location. Please check out your respective  Location Guide for more information on your Study Center.

Your on-site staff are available for any help you may need. You will receive the phone numbers of your on-site Student Life Coordinators and Academic Success Coaches during orientation and in your Student Handbooks. 

If you or your family would like to escalate any questions or concerns, please email the team of your respective location: 

  • CostaRica@vertoeducation.org
  • Seville@vertoeducation.org
  • London@vertoeducation.org
  • Florence@vertoeducation.org
  • Prague@vertoeducation.org
  • BuenosAires@vertoeducation.org

If there is an emergency: 

You should first try the phone numbers of your on-site team (which you will receive during orientation). 

If for any reason you need another number, or your family needs to reach you in an emergency, contact Verto’s general emergency phone number: (971) 801-0955.

Mental Health support is available for participants via onsite and remote support services. Contact your Student Life Coordinator, Academic Success Coordinator while on site if you need assistance. You can also email deanofstudents@vertoeducation.org if you would like assistance prior to departure or need anything urgently while onsite.

Participants seeking 1:1 counseling support with a licensed mental health professional are provided local contact information, and assistance with scheduling an appointment

We do not have medical professionals on Verto staff teams. However, local, in-country medical providers are available in each Verto location. Your on-site staff will be available to assist you in identifying preferred and English-speaking medical providers. You will need to pay costs for medical services up front, and then you can submit a claim with Verto’s insurance provider (CISI) in order to receive reimbursement for all covered medical expenses. Be sure to keep all receipts for any medical services obtained abroad– keep the physical copies and email yourself photos as well!

This varies by location. Check out your respective  Location Guide for information on transportation. If you have additional questions, reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor.

This varies by location. Please view your respective location page to check whether or not you will have access to a kitchen.

Yes you can receive mail. You will receive instructions on how to receive mail after you arrive onsite during orientation week.

Check out your respective Location Guide for information on how to get a SIM card/ phone number abroad. If you have additional questions, reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor.

Check out your respective Location Guide for information on how to navigate money while abroad. If you have additional questions, reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor.

Check out your respective Location Guide to learn more about cultural differences, how to settle in, exciting opportunities in your town/city, and more!