Please read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

College Admission & Credit Transfer

Look out for an introduction email from your assigned individual college counselor.  This counselor can help you identify good fit schools, collect your application materials, and even help submit your applications to partner colleges.  You will receive a welcome email from your college counselor with information about contacting them and scheduling an appointment.

Your College Counselor will reach out to you after you’ve met with your Student Onboarding Advisor. If you miss their email or forget who they were, you can always email collegecounseling@vertoeducation.org to get connected.

It’s important to start formalizing your post-Verto plans early, and your college counselor is here to help! All students not participating in Verto through an invitation from your college or university should connect with their assigned college counselor before departure. Even if your plans are all set, your counselor is responsible for checking in with you and documenting your plans.

After you meet with your Student Onboarding Advisor, your designated College Counselor will reach out to you. Make sure to connect with them before you start your semester! You don’t need to apply to partners right away if you don’t want to, but your counselor can help give you an idea of timelines and next steps depending on your interests. While your counselor is here to support you throughout your entire time with Verto, we want to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines for your dream school!

Once you’ve decided on up to five partner schools you would like to apply to, you will work with your College Counselor to prepare the applications. Some partners have additional requirements – your counselor will walk you through the process for each partner you’re interested in. At a minimum, you will need an up-to-date high school transcript, a college essay (this could be the essay you applied to Verto with) and a Letter of Recommendation.

Yes, and your College Counselor will keep you informed about these deadlines. Typically, the deadline to apply to partners for Spring transfer is October/November, and for Fall transfer the deadline is typically March/April. That being said, if you know you want to apply to a partner, we always encourage you to get started on the process sooner rather than later!

You can view the complete list of Verto’s Partner Colleges for more detailed information about each college.  Your college counselor will also work with you to make individualized partner college suggestions to you based on your interests and academic goals.

While your College Counselor cannot apply on your behalf to non-partner colleges or communicate with them for you, they are here to support you through the process. Our counselors work with you one-on-one to help you navigate your college plan—even if that plan includes a non-partner institution! In fact, we have many participants who also take this path.

Although confirming your deferral and transfer credits to a non-partner college involves a bit of extra effort, the payoff is huge: you’ll be living out your dreams and traveling the world in no time! You’ll still want to connect with your college counselor to talk through your specific case and make sure you’re all set with a deferral. This should be done as soon as possible to make sure you do not miss any deadlines with your non-partner school.  Learn About Enrollment Deferral and Credit Transfer.

In your Student Portal, you’ll find a College Counseling specific checklist. Please ensure you complete all items prior to departure. If you have any questions about the checklist items, just reach out to your College Counselor (or collegecounseling@vertoeducation.org if you’re unsure who your counselor is).

This depends on the partner. The majority of our partners are test-optional, but there are a few schools and programs that require test scores. Your College Counselor will help you to find your best-fit partner based on your interests and academic profile.

If you have questions related to enrollment with your Academic Provider, please reach out to your Student Onboarding Advisor.

A teacher from your senior or junior year of high school is the best person to ask for a letter of recommendation because they can speak to your recent work as a student. It doesn’t have to be a teacher whose class you did the best in – in fact, sometimes the best letters come from teachers who witnessed you overcome academic challenges in their class. Teachers are busy people, so be sure to give your recommender at least 6 weeks to write the letter.

All students are responsible for requesting their official transcripts from their Academic Provider – Verto cannot do this for you. Towards the end of the semester you will receive communication from the Verto college counseling team with directions to request your transcript. If you need an in-progress transcript at any point and have not yet received instructions, please reach out to your college counselor!

No, all students are responsible for requesting their official transcripts from their Academic Provider to be sent to their post-Verto experience institution. Towards the end of the semester you will receive communication from the college counseling team with instructions on how to do so.