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Why wouldn’t everyone do Verto?!

If this is how you feel, we encourage you to apply under the Early Enrollment Plan. Early Enrollment sends a powerful and important message to our Admissions Committee, and to our partner colleges. You are expressing a level of commitment and conviction that we take very seriously. You and your family have researched your college options, and Verto is where you would like to be.

Why apply Early Enrollment?

Applying Early Enrollment eliminates at least some of the worry and stress associated with the college search. This option allows you to confirm your college plans early during senior year. A small percentage of Verto students apply Early Enrollment. With this more concentrated application pool, we see a higher admit rate for Early Enrollment applicants than other application plans.

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Financial Aid Process for Early Enrollment Candidates

If you are applying for financial aid, please complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) using the instructions on our website. If the results do not make attendance possible, you may decline the offer of admission and be released from the Early Enrollment commitment, and your $500 deposit will be returned to you.

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Early Enrollment to Verto Partner Colleges

Through Verto Education you can also receive an early enrollment decision to any of our partner schools. By applying early and letting a university know they are your first choice, you have the best opportunity to get into your top school.

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Early Enrollment Deadline: November 15th

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