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Travel overseas with fellow incoming Loyola University New Orleans students.

Earn Loyola University-transferable college credit to complete your first semester requirements.

Stay on track to graduate from Loyola University New Orleans on time.

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Benefits to a First Semester Abroad with
Loyola Bridge

Loyola University New Orleans and Verto Education’s partnership is founded on the shared commitment to increasing student success in the global marketplace. The Loyola Bridge program offers a select group of Loyola University students the opportunity to start their Loyola University education abroad and still graduate in four years.

Loyola Bridge participants will walk away with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits — gain independence, self-awareness, and global perspective to thrive in college and in life.

Program Requirements
Your application to Loyola University New Orleans qualified you to be considered for the Loyola Bridge program in Spring 2023.
Please note the program's GPA and credit requirements to ensure a successful transition to Loyola University New Orleans for the following Fall semester.
Maintain a 2.7 GPA or higher
Complete 15 credits or more of coursework
Can I Study Abroad?
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Turrialba, Costa Rica

Academic Credits 12-15 college credits

Spring Dates Mid January - Mid May

Tuition $18,000-$25,000 USD

**Equivalent to a traditional college semester

Buenos Aires


Find your inspiration in Buenos Aires’ vibrant culture, dynamic pace of life, and welcoming people.

Accommodations: Local Homestay
Fall Dates: Late August - Mid December
Spring Dates: Mid January - Mid May
Tuition: $19,500
Areas of Study:
Language Arts
Social Sciences
Arts & Humanities
Natural Sciences


United Kingdom

Dive into a never-ending list of parks, museums, and restaurants in London’s fast-paced urban environment.

Accommodations: Apartment-Style Housing
Fall Dates: Late August - Mid December
Spring Dates: Mid January - Mid May
Tuition: $29,000 USD
Areas of Study:
Social Sciences
Langauge Arts
Natural Sciences
Arts & Humanities


Costa Rica

Nestled in the heart of the rainforest, your expansive campus home in Costa Rica is a world of its own. Soak up the “pura vida” lifestyle through classroom teachings and academic excursions to Volcan Turrialba, the BriBri indigenous communty, coffee agricultural farms, and more.

Accommodations: Dorm Room Co-living
Fall Dates: Late August - Mid December
Spring Dates: Mid January - Mid May
Tuition: $19,500 USD
Areas of Study:
Language Arts
Social Sciences
Natural Sciences
Arts & Humanities
An Accessible
Abroad Experience
Verto Education provides generous discounts, grants, and scholarships for incoming participants.
Verto Financial Support

International Leadership Award
(up to $5,000)

Additional Resources

529 College Funds
Private loans
External scholarships

Next Steps
Sarah Ranaldi, Verto Alum
"I chose Verto because I did not like my options for schools. I have also always wanted to travel so Verto was the perfect opportunity! I really loved my admissions counselor, she was amazing to work with and so patient. I feel as though this is one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve made so many great memories."
Hannah Jimenez, Verto Alum
"I tried the traditional college start. It just wasn’t for me. I will forever be grateful that I found the Verto program. It has already been an amazing experience and I’m only a month in.I wanted to travel the world, my parents wanted me to go to college. Verto lets me do both."
Ashley S. Islas, Verto Alum
"My favorite thing about Verto is the guidance and help we get every step of the way. The Verto Community is truly like no other. I knew college was my next step after graduation, but I spent my entire senior year stressing about where to go. Verto Education combined my two next goals; travel and further my education. "
Connor Fox-Moore, Verto Alum
"I've learned so much about myself already and I'm only a month into my semester! The summer before my senior year I was unsure about what I really wanted to do, and when I heard about Verto I thought this would be a great way to figure myself out while also staying on track to graduate in four years. I love the atmosphere—staff and professors are so open and really care about how you're doing."
Lilliana Tuchrello, Verto Alum
"I feel like I made a great choice about choosing Verto instead of starting off at a college. I really wanted a chance to get out there and see the world and with Verto, and I am surrounded by people who want the same thing as me. Being able to travel while also taking college classes for credits is definitely worth it rather than starting college in a traditional way."
Verto Information Session
Thursdays, every 3 weeks

Join us for a deep dive into how a first year abroad works and speak directly with Verto experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your tuition includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Scheduled events, excursions, and programming
  • All ground transportation such as transport between locations and class excursions

Your tuition does not include:

  • Airfare to/from the program at the beginning and the end of the semester
  • Internal airfare, accommodation, or transportation outside of Verto experience 
  • Souvenirs, optional activities and personal expenses

Meal plans are included in the price for some but not all of our locations. Please see each location page for the specific details.

Verto Education works directly with the University academic team to ensure that no matter which one you choose, the classes offered by the Academic Provider at that location will map directly to your general education credits.

Through partnership with world-class Academic Providers, Verto Education is a semester or year of college, without the lecture halls. You’ll earn general education credits just like you would a semester on campus and still be able to graduate in four years.

As a leader in our industry, Verto Education and our partners take the health and well-being of our participants seriously. We have comprehensive risk management and crisis response systems in place and train our leaders in first aid response. Nearly all of our full-time operations staff, including Program Leaders, are Wilderness First Responder certified.

To complement these efforts, we partner with International SOS, a top provider of global medical and emergency services. All participants traveling with Verto have access to benefits provided by ISOS.

Please note, the membership provided by ISOS is not health or travel insurance.

Learn more about our Safety and Risk Management Policies.

Verto Education aligns its vaccination policies to comply with local government laws. Review Verto’s Vaccination Policy and our Health and Safety Planning for up-to-date information.  

Before departure, Verto will help connect you with resources for specific regional information and travel consultation. You should review these resources and discuss your travel plans with your physician.

Phone and internet service are  readily available to our participants, and on-site staff will assist you with purchasing a SIM card in your abroad location.   In urgent situations, participants and families  have access to our 24-hour emergency line, which they can call for immediate assistance.

Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain, England, and Italy! Please work with Shaunene Edwards to identify the best program fit for you!

A: We can accommodate participants 17 to 22 years old, however, most participants are between 18 and 20 years old. 

Minimum age requirements vary by location: 

Buenos Aires & London: must be 18 by program start date

Costa Rica: must be 17 by program start date

Florence & Seville: must be 18 by October 1st for spring semesters

In addition to meeting age requirements, your passport must be valid for 6 months-1 year after the program end date.

1. Complete your interest form above.

2. Chat with your Senior Admissions Counselor.

3. Submit your deposit.

4. You’re In!

After your mid-semester grades have been received, you must submit a $500 deposit.

The absolute latest would be 2 weeks prior to the semester beginning. However, it is encouraged to enroll sooner to ensure that there is a smooth transition.

2.75 GPA

15 credits

College of Nursing and Health – BSN, Nursing majors.

Following their Verto course registration, students will provide Loyola with their course enrollment to ensure their courses will count towards their intended degree program. While the majority of majors provide students with academic flexibility, there are a select few that are not as flexible with general electives.

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