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walking across a bridge in Costa Rica
Verto Education
November 2, 2020

How to Make College More Affordable

It is possible to make your path to college more affordable, it just takes a little effort to find the right combination of loans, grants, and scholarships that suits your life and goals. Nothing ruins the buzz of reading college acceptance letters quite like seeing the cost of tuition written in the fine print. With…
Verto Education
November 2, 2020

How to Stand-Out with Your College Essay

Implement these tips into your college essay and you'll be doing a victory dance at your dream college (or in a kayak on your Verto semester!) in no time. We know you’ve been reading up on “College Essays that Worked” threads on Reddit for weeks. Every essay you read seems so unique and well-done… It’s…
Verto faculty
Verto Education
September 17, 2020

Verto’s Hiring Process: Q&A with our Hiring Manager and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead

Some of Verto’s South Pacific staff in Fiji. Local Program Leaders, traveling Program Leaders, Academic Success Coordinators, and instructors work together on a student-centered team. This month, Verto students will embark on an incredible first-year experience where they will explore, create and learn about the world with our amazing Field Instructors, Program Leaders, and Support…
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Verto Education
August 28, 2020

Student Development: How Verto Fosters Self-Awareness

Many students inadvertently spend the first year struggling to adapt to the rigor of college academics and the huge life adjustment to increased independence and responsibility. To call my first year in college unhappy would be an understatement. I remember feeling utterly overwhelmed by all the options and somehow, simultaneously, like there was nothing right…
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Verto Education
August 19, 2020

Building Community with Virtual Learning

Verto students learn from local experts from around the world on their Hybrid and in-person semesters. We get it. This year is not what anyone expected. Zoom classes just aren’t the same and you’re worried about missing out on making new friends, joining clubs, and having an exciting first year of college. We don't blame…
studying in the sand
Verto Education
June 30, 2020

Ask an Expert: How Do I Learn a Second Language?

Fall 2019 students on the Verto Latin America semester compare language learning notes from class in their favorite study spot - the beach! I remember when I first started learning a second language. It was Spanish, and I was a sophomore in high school. As things started to click in place, I realized that Spanish…