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Verto Education Rolls out Fall 2021 College and Career Plan

Verto Education prepares global leaders and transforms access to higher education through a coming-of-age first-year start to college abroad. We also are committed to supporting you during your entire college journey. For this reason, we have a big announcement—the College and Career Counseling team has launched our Fall 2021 College and Career Plan!

The Plan is a learning journey that we designed to be an intentional approach that can help you get the most out of your Verto semester and design your life while staying true to yourself. Students complete the journey by engaging 5 recorded workshops that students can listen to on their own to develop their college + career plan. The journey concludes after a 1-on-1 meeting with an Academic Success Coordinator and/or College Counselor to discuss learnings.

Fall 2021 Students: Start on your roadmap today to complete by November 10!

NoteDo you need to fulfill your required mid-semester report as part of a guaranteed pathway to a Verto partner? Watch this video and review your Mid-Semester Report requirements the week of Oct 18.

Access the Plan Here!

Here is the recommended timeline to complete your College and Career Plan:

October 11-17 : Values Exercise

October 18-24:  Interest Profile Exercise

October 25- 31: Big Picture and College Fit:

  • Watch: Big Picture Video
  • Reflect: Why do you want to go to college? Based on research from Harvard Business School, there are five reasons why people decide college is the right next step: to get into the best school, to do what’s expected of them, to get away from something, to step it up, and to extend themselves. What are your reasons?
  • Watch: College Fit Video
  • Reflect: At Verto, we help students select colleges that are the right fit by shifting from the traditional GPA and SAT score to also focus on social, value, financial AND academic fit. In finding the right alignment, it’s important to consider a variety of factors: academic fit (competitiveness, rigor, academic profile), social fit (activities and resources you want access to), values fit (does this college advance values that align with my own) and financial fit (within your family’s budget). What are your academic, social, and financial goals for college, and which Verto partner schools meet these academic, social, and financial goals?
  • Put Into Action: Create a venn diagram. Put your values in one circle and the values of your potential college in the other. What values do you share? 

November 1 -8 :  Action Steps Exercise  + Schedule time with your College Counselor on Campus 

  • Watch: Action Steps Video
  • Reflect: What are the next steps you will take over the next 60 days to get you closer to your college and career goals, and when will you complete these steps? Feel free to use the above list as a guide. Would returning to Verto next semester continue to support your next step goals? Why or why not? Hint: You don’t have to figure EVERYTHING out right now, but you can choose to take the next best step!! What will that be and how can we support you with intentionality?
  • Put Into ActionSchedule time with your College Counselor on campus during drop-in type office hours. If you want to schedule with a small group of peers to make it less intimidating, we encourage that too!

Finish Line, by November 10: Submit your online survey and discuss with your Academic Success Coach / College Counselor.  You can do it on your own, applying as much or as little of the info in the previous sessions as you’d like. That’s the beauty of designing your own journey, you call the shots!!!

Questions? Reach out to Thank you- congratulations on this learning journey!