Connect to the World
in Seville, Spain

Soak up the passionate energy of Seville through its delicious food, world-class art, dynamic history, and rich traditions.

Enjoy an authentic Spanish lifestyle, plus inspiring courses delivered by our Academic Providers, one-on-one support, and cultural immersion opportunities.

  • Duration

    14.5 Weeks

  • Accommodation

    Homestay or Residence

  • College Credits

    12–16 Credits from Academic Providers

  • Campus Host

    Study Center

  • Cost

    $19,500 USD
    before scholarships & institutional aid

  • Dates

    August 29 – December 10, Fall 2022

    February 6 – May 20, Spring 2023

Start College withCommunity

Live in dorm-style housing alongside other Verto participants or in a local family homestay and befriend the many local and international students in Seville. Our staff is on-site to support you and guide you towards a transformative first year abroad experience.

Take CollegeCourses

The museums, sites, and neighborhoods of Seville become your classroom as you dive into experiential learning courses offered by our Academic Providers. Study European History from inside an 14th-century palace, and practice your conversational Spanish during a language immersion event with Spanish students!

ExploreSeville and Greater Spain

Your Student Life Coordinator will set you up to confidently explore the city. You can also opt-in to exciting cultural activities and excursions with your Verto cohort—like a day trip to Córdoba, kayaking on the Guadalquivir River, a “Sevillanas” dance workshop, tasting traditional tapas, and more!

Sharpen Your Mind

In the classroom, you’ll enjoy small class sizes, energetic and caring educators, and hands-on learning delivered by our Academic Providers — going to class will become the highlight of your day.

Earn College Credit

Earn college credit through a selection of fascinating courses offered by our Academic Providers.

Available Courses for Fall 2022


Please note that course availability may vary based on partner college requirements and other factors. All courses and programming are subject to change.

Art History I

An introductory survey of objects, images, and architecture from the ancient world through the Middle Ages. The course emphasizes the importance of religious, social, and political influences on the art of prehistoric, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, early Christian, Byzantine and Medieval European cultures. It also develops and enhances students’ ability to understand works of art in their social and historical contexts.

Comparative Religion

A historical investigation of the world’s major religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity). Attention will be given to the origins, history, mythology, and culture of various belief systems.

Digital Literacies

What does it mean to be a reader and writer in the 21st Century? Technology is changing the way we read and write as well as what we read and write. In this class, we investigate blogging, online resumes, social media profiles, websites, wikis, forums, and other platforms. Students will explore concepts related to contemporary writing & media, as well as creating persuasive arguments in digital spaces. 

Film Appreciation

This introductory course explores the world of film and filmmaking. We will examine the narrative and stylistic techniques used in filmmaking in order to more fully understand how meaning is constructed, conveyed, and interpreted in film. The course also examines film genre studies, film criticism, the international film scene, and the concept of media literacy.

Intermediate Spanish I

This course offers students practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Spanish at the intermediate level, with more advanced grammar, as well as opportunities to explore cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to refining grammatical concepts introduced in Elementary Spanish I and II, students learn more challenging grammatical structures such as the subjunctive in noun clauses, adjective clauses, and adverbial clauses.

Intermediate Spanish II

Continued review of grammar and syntax, training in conversation and composition, and reading from the works of modern authors.

International Relations

This course is designed to introduce students to the theory and practice of international relations and the competing approaches in understanding and addressing contemporary issues and crises. The course identifies the various state and non-state actors in global politics and describes and explains their behavior as well as the structure of the international system in which they operate. Included is an Event Master Template examination of not only the traditional subjects of international relations, such as power, nationalism, diplomacy, and war, but also those transnational factors that have come to play a critical role in an increasingly interdependent world, such as immigration, trade and economic/financial activities, the environment, human rights, and terrorism.

Introductory Spanish I

This course blends a focus on communication with grammatical rigor and vocabulary acquisition in a real-world Spanish immersion context. By the end of the semester, students successfully completing the course will be able to converse in Spanish about themselves and common topics daily life, and generalize knowledge and negotiate during conversations to convey meaning. Students will also correspond in written Spanish to convey information about themselves and their day-to-day experiences, and read brief passages highlighting general information on the host country and important topics in the country’s society and cultures.

During class seminars, students will be exposed to Spanish in different communicative situations and will engage with the language in different manners, ranging from simply reacting to input in the form of audio or texts, to negotiating their way through a task. Spanish will be the primary language of instruction and the majority of class time will be spent on task-based, communicative activities where students are expected to use the target language to the best of their abilities.

Introductory Spanish II

A continuing course from Spanish I with more emphasis on oral communication, writing and reading, grammatical elements, along with exploration of the cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.

Music Appreciation

For the non-music major, this course is designed to provide the college student a foundation for a lifetime of enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of music. Focus content will include the elements, structure and history of music, with significant emphasis on developing listening skills and acquiring a basic repertoire of music from a variety of music literature examples. 

Public Speaking

This course includes basic principles and practices of public speaking: developing proficiency and self-confidence in speaking. Focus will also include organization, development and communication of ideas, structure, style, and delivery. This course covers theory and techniques of public speaking in democratic society. Discovery, development, and criticism of ideas in public discourse through research, reasoning, organization, composition, presentation, and evaluation of various types of speeches including informative and persuasive speeches. The course also develops critical listening skills through performance and evaluation.

Rhetoric and Research I

The purpose of Rhetoric and Research is to prepare you as a writer for college assignments and for the writing demands in your personal, professional, and civic lives. Students will critically read and write in a variety of rhetorical situations and contexts and incorporate college-level research. Specifically, we’ll learn how writing is:

(i) a communicative act that always occurs within a particular context and with a particular purpose;

(ii) a process (rather than a one-time act) in which reading, feedback and revision helps us realize the full potential of our written works; and

(iii) a communal act, for we always write to engage with an audience.

The purpose of Rhetoric and Research is to prepare you as a writer for college assignments and for the writing demands in your personal, professional, and civic lives. Students will critically read and write in a variety of rhetorical situations and contexts and incorporate college-level research. Specifically, we’ll learn how writing is:


(i) a communicative act that always occurs within a particular context and with a particular purpose;

(ii) a process (rather than a one-time act) in which reading, feedback and revision helps us realize the full potential of our written works; and

(iii) a communal act, for we always write to engage with an audience.


Students read and discuss a variety of works from different literary genres, focusing on nonfiction and expository texts, reading 30-60 or more pages per week. The course also emphasizes research skills, including evaluating and documenting sources, using MLA style, practicing academic integrity, and job document preparation for employment. Students write several essays in expository and argumentative prose, including at least one research paper, in response to class reading and outside research, for a total of between 6,000-8,000 words.

Social Problems

This compulsory course examines a range of problematic issues facing society. Conflicting perspectives, research findings, theoretical explanations and societal responses will be discussed regarding such issues as: distribution of resources, national security, the environment, race, gender, family, the medical industry and the justice process.

Western Civilizations II

This introductory course focuses on the origins and development of civilization in the western world from the 17th century to the present. Topics include European encounters with the new world, the scientific revolution, the age of enlightenment, the development of the state, the French and Industrial Revolutions, their impact on society, the rise of nationalism, the emergence of modern society, imperialism, World War I and II, the Cold War and contemporary Europe.

Principles of Microeconomics

The study of the economic behavior at the level of individual households and firms in a market economy. Emphasis is placed on consumer behavior, price and output, decisions of firms, and market structure. Labor economics, government regulation, poverty, income, and health care are also examined.

Discover Yourself

Participants walk away from their time in Seville with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits via our Academic Providers; through one-on-one counseling and mentorship, you’ll build the confidence, self-awareness and clarity to thrive in college and in life.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Work with your personal Onboarding Advisor and College Counselor to develop your game plan for an impactful college career. You’ll get a head start on how to manage your time, study effectively, and adapt to life on campus.

Find Your Purpose

Get clarity on your future goals as you contemplate what you’ve been learning and the type of impact you want to make on the world. Your leaders will help you reflect on your experiences through group activities and one-on-one check-ins.

Already drooling at the thought of

Scholarships & Institutional Aid

Travel is a vital part of every individual’s education, and Verto is committed to increasing equity, access, inclusion, and diversity in study abroad and higher education—regardless of your financial background.

About half of Verto participants receive scholarships, institutional aid, or both. For eligible participants, Verto can significantly reduce the Spain cost through Verto’s Opportunity Grant. You can also apply for institutional aid, external grants, and scholarships to further reduce your abroad experience cost.

Learn About Scholarships & Institutional Aid

Details About Verto Seville Experience


Vertoans may choose to live either in a residence or local homestay. Participants should speak with their admissions counselors and onboarding advisors to determine which option is a better fit for them.

In the Residences, participants will live in double or triple occupancy rooms with other Vertoans 25-35 minutes walking to the study center and 10-20 minutes by public transport or bike.

Services included in Residences:

  • Full Room (Desk, chair, lamp for studying, and wardrobe)
  • 3 meals per day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  •  Bed & bath linens
  • Wireless internet access throughout residence
  • Room cleaning once per week 
  • Shared bathrooms
  • AC conditioning

For homestays, participants will be paired with another Vertoan to live with a local family. Participants may share a room with another Vertoan or have their own room depending on the family’s housing situation.

Each homestay is slightly different, depending on the hosts, though all hosts are carefully vetted by Verto to ensure safety and comfort.

All homestay housing includes the following:

  • Full Room (Desk, chair, lamp for studying, and wardrobe)
  • 3 meals per day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  •  Bed & bath linens
  • Wireless internet access 
  • Room cleaning once per week 
  • laundry once per week 
  • A fan or space heater

Homestay locations will be no more than 15-35 minutes by foot to where classes are held at the study center.


Full board meal plan (three meals per day, including weekends, with a to-go sack lunch) included.


Participants are responsible for airfare to/from Seville.

Individuals have the option for independent travel within the country pending permission from the Verto team.

Seville is highly walkable though there are city buses, a tram, metro, and affordable taxis which can take Vertoans to neighborhoods outside of the city center if they choose to do so.


Vertoans are given all the support they need to explore Seville on their own and will have the opportunity to opt-in to Verto’s extracurricular activities and day trips.

Verto sponsored experiences may include:

  • Day trip to Córdoba 
  • Day trip to Cádiz  
  • Overnight trip to Málaga or Granada 
  • Hiking excursions to Aracena or Sierra Norte
  • Monument visits around Seville: Cathedral, Royal Palace, Fine Arts Museum
  • Activities around Seville like kayaking, yoga, journaling, language exchanges
  • Workshops, including photography and dance

Spending a Full Year with Verto

Choose between spending 2 semesters in Seville, or doing your first semester in Seville and the second in another incredible Verto location!


Recommend €350–500 euro/month

Since meals are included in the abroad experience fee, this budget will vary based on your personal spending habits, particularly your budget for independent travel. Talk to your family about expectations for budgeting before you arrive. You don’t want to blow your whole budget on churros! (Or do you…?!)

Included With the Cost of Your Experience

  • 3 meals per day
  • Laundry is included at homestays. Participants in the residence will have access to pay facilities in the building.
  • All accommodation while overseas
  • All scheduled events
  • Books and other course materials
  • Medical insurance
  • Airport pick up on the designated arrival date

Not Included With the Cost of Your Experience

  • Internal Airfare
  • Snacks
  • Souvenirs and gifts
  • Laundry at residences
  • Visa fees
  • Optional activities and associated equipment
  • Food, travel, and accommodation when traveling to, from, or between abroad locations
  • Airline change fees or new tickets for flights to and from abroad locations

Visa, Passport & Age Requirements

US passport holders will need a student visa to enter Spain.

Participants must be 18-years-old by June 1st for fall semesters and by October 1st for spring semesters.

All passports should be valid for at least 6-12 months beyond the end of the abroad experience. This time frame varies by Spanish Consulates. Please check the Spanish Consulate’s website for your jurisdiction for up to date information.  If this is not the case, individuals should renew their passport as soon as possible.

Non-US passport holders should check with the local consulate and will need to obtain the proper visa to participate.*

*Verto Education is not responsible for any individual’s inability to obtain the correct visa for any given abroad location, and cancellation fees will apply if an individual is denied the proper visa. Verto Education cannot overturn any decision made by any Consular or Embassy official.

Why the Verto Seville abroad experience?

The Seville abroad experience is a great fit for young adults who are excited by…

City Life with a Small Town Feel

With a population of about 700,000 people, Seville is a city easily traversed by foot. You’ll quickly fall in love with the winding medieval streets that make up the historical city center, the many outdoor cafes offering delicious tapas, and the Sevillanos love of enjoying life outdoors. In your free time, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the treasures and hidden gems of this dynamic city. It is considered a university town that is home to more than 65,000 Spanish students, and with a little mingling on your part, you’ll be practicing your Spanish in no time! Whether you’re walking across the Plaza de España or admiring the Seville Cathedral on your walk to class (which was once a mosque), Seville is a warm and welcoming city that will sweep you off your feet!

Homestays or Residences*

Vertoans in Seville can choose between living in a homestay or residence. 

If you choose to live in a homestay, you can look forward to deep cultural immersion and language learning. With your hosts, you’ll live how locals live, eat what they eat, speak the local language and more! Keep in mind that your host family may not speak English, but they have tons of experience hosting American young adults. 

If you choose to live in the residence, you can enjoy living in the same building as the rest of your Verto peers and enjoying time spent in common rooms together. From time to time there may be other international students living in the residence, but you’ll always have a Verto roommate.  The \residence also includes a dining area where participants can take the majority of their meals. 

Language Learning 

The Seville abroad experience is a great immersion opportunity for young adults who are looking for regular Spanish language practice, particularly for those who choose to participate in a homestay!

You will have multiple levels of Spanish courses available and will also have tons of chances to put your Spanish to the test when out and about in town, and even while interacting with the Verto staff! 

Dance, Art & Architecture 

Seville is known for its flamenco, an art form comprised of song, dance, and instrumental guitar and is a rich crossroads of cultural history that created its outstanding architectural designs. Seville has been ruled by the Romans, once served as a capital of Muslim Spain, and was conquered by the Spanish Christians in 1248. The influence of these ruling parties is noticeable at every turn.  There are tons of dance halls, galleries, and museums for you to discover both through your experiential education and in your free time. 

History & Culture 

Not only is Seville full of monuments and heritage buildings, but it is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Seville Cathedral and the Giralda, The Royal Alcazar, and the General Archive of the Indies. The history of Seville is long and windy, and you’ll find visual reminders of it as you explore the city.  Seville is also the capital of the region of Andalucia, where the remnants of Moorish rule remain, including castles, cathedrals, and palaces. You will have the opportunity to visit these historic sites both as part of your Verto experience and independently.

Additionally, Seville offers many free or low cost events and activities such as football games (soccer!), flamenco shows, kayaking on the river, street food tours, museums, and more.

Safety & COVID-19

The health and safety of our participants is always our top priority. We’ve developed stages of planning to address the specific concern of COVID-19.

Review Verto’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

How to Apply

Verto’s application is quick, free, and non-binding!

Fill out Verto’s 10 minute application:

After your application is submitted, you will be matched with an admissions counselor who can answer any and all of your questions. Learn more about the application and decision process here:

P.S. Did you know that Vertoans can use their Verto app to apply to our 70+ partner colleges for free?! Learn more here.

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